We massage a cleansing cream into your skin then we put you directly under a steamer. Once pores have opened and skin has loosened we use a vacuum to suction out any debris from the skin. A mask is applied to close and tighten up the pores again. To finish off we tone, moisturize and apply our special treatment cream.


We massage cleansing cream into skin, steamer is applied to face and begin extractions. After we decide whether to the put chili or normal mask depending on the severity of acne. Pass over skin with high frequency wand to kill any left over bacteria. Tone, moisturize and apply treatment cream.


Extractions + Vacuum + High Frequency + Your choice of wrinkle treatment mask or acne treatment mask or dark spot erasing mask + Microdermabrasion + Tone & Moisturize

Micro-Needling/ Collagen Induction Treatment

Must receive 4 acne facials in order to receive Micro-needling/ Collagen Induction treatment. On day of procedure you will receive 4th acne facial, numbed & prepped. Once, prepped your micro-needling will begin ( check link before hand) 

Further question and concerns will be explained by esthetician. 


*This procedure will not be done on active acne.*


For body facial you must be earliest/ latest appointment to ensure privacy. Wear loose clothing in order to let body “breathe” after body facial. 
Cleansing cream + Steam + extractions + mask + high frequency + mask removal + tone + moisturizer + acne treatment cream.